Tammy Likesalot

Smile. The writer of this note was my next door neighbor growing up. She was a sweet girl who I wasn’t always very nice to. There’s a lot of liking going on in this note, pretty confusing. Also a lot scratched out. Can you decipher any of the scratched out text?TammyLikes1 TammyLIkes2Notes from this note

  • Great smiley face guy
  • I know your mad at me because you thought I was mad at you. right?
  • The drama in this note is too confusing to my 42 yr old brain…
  • Friend forever
  • I can’t read much of the scratched out writing.
  • The P.S. scratched out at the end says:

    “yes I did dedicate a song to you. It was The Greatest Love of All

  • We used to call the local radio station and dedicate songs to whoever we “liked” at the moment. It was a big deal and you would sit and listen to the radio and listen for your name…

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