You already know who I like, and don’t act like you don’t.

Guessing this note is from 1985. Dig the bubble letters, every girl in middle school was a bubble letter artist.Timbubbleletters

This girl liked me. I liked her too only, I didn’t think my knucklehead friends would think I was cool if I liked her. Why I don’t know. She was popular, pretty and very nice. I think I also was crushing on some other girl at the time. Probably the mythical *Stephanie* who dominated my 6th grade imagination with a fury unmatched again in my life. I used to get nervous when girls liked me though. I would make weird jokes about it. Couldn’t deal with the feels.

KendraeditNotes from this note:

  • Hi, How are ya?
  • spooky haunted house letters
  • Little circles for periods

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