To Whoever Wants This Note.

Welcome to What Couldnt Wait Until After Class, my new blog! I am starting this blog to get rid of some notes that I have been hoarding since middle school.  Notes, like on paper. I wonder if middle schoolers today write notes. They probably just text… Well, we used to write things down on paper and fold them up in elaborate ways and pass them from one student to another behind the teacher’s back until they reached their intended recipient. Love was professed.  Fistfights were arranged. Shit was talked. I don’t know why I have kept these for so many years, they have sat in a shoebox and I have been unable to throw them away.  I have decided that if I post them on the everlasting internet it will be ok to throw them away. I’m doing minor editing on the images, cropping and reducing blinding brightness. In the event that someone’s actual name is in the note, I reserve the right to redact for privacy reasons.

I was born in 1973 so that puts most of the notes featured on this blog in the 1982-1991 range.  I will try to be more specific in each post as I am able.

This first note is so weird and random. I have been considering this project for awhile and today, I looked in the box and this was the first one I pulled out. It was like a sign, I had to get going on this.

As soon as I publish this post, I am throwing the actual note away. 1 down, hundreds to go…


towhoever2EDITNotes about the note:

  • What is a portable bed?
  • Fascination with beer means this was probably from 8th grade, 1986-7
  • Fun drawings
  • Someone + Someone
  • Cuty = Cutie?
  • W/B

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